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Thanks for visiting! I’m a seasoned brand communications specialist with more than a decade of experience writing for a variety of different media: traditional and digital, B2B and B2C. Please let me know if you’d like to see more samples or get in touch.

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Wide World of Travel

An Exciting New Travel Site & Email Newsletter

I developed the concept, format and initial content for Wide World of Travel, a new travel website with an associated email campaign. Created for Colorado-based Wiland, Inc., this platform is unique because of the combination of new and repurposed content it includes. The original content I created for WWoT focuses on domestic and international travel destinations like New Hope, PA and Bonn, Germany.

ONE Basix

ONE Basix Bars Romance Copy

When ONE Brands introduced their new stevia-sweetened Basix line, they wanted an updated brand voice to match. I worked with ONE to write some delicious new romance copy, personality tags, introductory blogs, FAQs and more.

Superjames Bars

Superjames Foundational Content

This was a real labor of love. Superjames Bars are based in my tiny mountain town. The superwoman behind Superjames is Rainbow, and while she knew why she started the company she didn’t know exactly how to get it into writing. So I worked with Rainbow to craft a foundational story for her Bars, which we then extended into revisions to her packaging, website and more. You can see more (and buy some tasty bars!) at her website.

From Space

Location Intelligence Landing Pages

To publicize DigitalGlobe’s successful partnership with PSMA Australia in the creation of Geoscape, we created a series of banner ads that linked to robust landing pages. Each landing page tells part of the Geoscape story with a different audience in mind. Click on the headline above to see the landing page.


Inventing Geoscape

Geoscape Case Study

This rich, interactive PDF case study provided a lengthy introduction to Geoscape, a product derived from DigitalGlobe’s platform capability by a partner in Australia. It was intended as a top-of-funnel piece but evolved into more of a mid-funnel asset that users could download from a landing page. Click the headline to see the entire PDF.


Ultimate Almond

DREAM Ultimate Almond Beverage

We worked closely with an agency to develop the name, positioning and consumer communication for this new item. “4x more almonds” was the key–as was finding a sweet spot for nutritional claims that was both appealing and FDA compliant. Click on the headline to visit the product page.

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